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( Montana Outfitter #192)

We are under permit with the Yellowstone Ranger District Livingston, Montana


(Yellowstone Stock Provider YELL - 105)

Day Ride $650.00

Includes riding horse/mule.Wranglers as needed for number in party. Pack animal for additional gear

Overnight Pack Trips $800.00 per day per person

Includes food,lodging(tents) horses/mules(transportation) guides/cook. All necessary gear to have a safe and comfortable stay in the backcountry

Drop Camps

Minimum of $1500.00 per group- prices depend on number of riders in and out and amount of gear being packed.

Riders charged same as Day Ride prices $650.00 each

Pack Animals Extra@ $200.00 per animal



    While the mule string is being packed up, you are assigned a new friend- your own personal  riding animal, whom no doubt will be your best friend, when you are finished with your pack trip. They will give you memories for a life time.

   Our horses and mules are all seasoned veterans and know how to take care of you. Bear Paw Outfitters uses only this type of stock and takes no shortcuts to insure your safety. There is always an element of risk involved in these types of activities but we take all the necessary  precautions. We have taken thousands of people into the back country starting with our own children, and have never had a serious injury



Itinerary in general:

Everyone is expected to check in a week before your trip and the night before. We want to be sure you arrived in the area safely!

We will meet at the trailhead mid-morning.  Your gear will be packed up and onto the pack string. A delicious hearty sack lunch will be brought along for a lunch break on the way to camp. This a good time to stretch your legs. The horseback riding to camp is approximately  3 1/2 to 4 hours, including the lunch break. We will return at the end of your trip back at the trailhead around 3 p.m. The camp is nestled in the timber about 45 minutes off the main trail to Elbow Lake. If you choose to do a 3 day trip, on the middle day you can enjoy fishing at Elbow Lake which is approx a 2hr ride, or relax around camp with a book!

    Most everything will be set-up prior to your arrival. Nice tents and outhouse facilities with regular seating. This is a Lady Friendly camp! You will sleep on comfortable cots with foam pads. This is the type of camp that if the weather turns bad  there is plenty of room in the dining tent to enjoy a warm game of cards, etc. You won't go hungry! Being up in the fresh mountain air seems to trigger the appetite so leave your diet at home. Our meals in the backcountry are served home style, and prepared by our chef  with a variety of menus, including homemade pies, grilled steak ,fresh salad, homemade bread, and delicious appetizers!  Our drinking water source is a spring bubbling right out of the ground at camp. You will not taste any purer or fresher water!

We follow all required bear storage policies and regulations. We keep a very clean camp.


$600.00 per day per person

We offer an overnight or a 3 day pack trip.

Call 406 222 6642

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