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Yellowstone Park Day Fly-Fishing Trips

$650.00 per person includes lunch

Yellowstone Stock Provider #YELL 105

Our Yellowstone Park day fly-fishing trips, take place in the North end of the Park. The most popular trip that we offer is the Slough Creek Trip. "Dad" if you like to do some fly fishing and the rest of the family wants to do some horseback riding, this trip will satisfy everyone. We will take you to the best fly fishing spot around and if the rest of the group wants to do more horseback riding or just relax, they can. You can make the whole family happy.

It is 2 hrs. of horseback riding to the fly fishing spot and 2 hrs. of horseback riding back.

We leave at 8:00 a.m.- 8:30 a.m. from the Slough Creek trail head, with a pack animal to carry the fly fishing gear. If everyone is on time you can take in about  4 1/2 hours of fly fishing. We leave 3rd meadow at 4:00 pm and arrive back at the trail head at 6:00 p.m.


Paradise Valley Mountain Lake & Stream

Day Fishing Trips

$500.00 per person includes lunch

Montana Outfitter #192

We offer Day Fishing to a High Mountain Lake or stream fishing. This is a great family trip, that can be enjoyed by all levels of fishermen. Spinner Rod or Fly-Fishing. It is an approx. 2hr ride to the lake, then an afternoon of fishing and exploring, and a 2hr ride out. The stream fishing is about a hour ride each way. We have you meet us at 9:30am and return around 4pm.  You will need to purchase a Montana State Fishing License for this trip.


On day trips,  wear some foot wear that you can walk in. Some walking may be required on some trips back down the mountain. This is for your safety and helps stretch your legs from horseback riding..

River Fishing and Scenic Float Trips

Scenic River Float Trips


( Montana Outfitter #192)

(Yellowstone Stock Provider #YELL - 105)

Under permit with Yellowstone Ranger District Livingston Montana



Thompson Lake
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