Montana Elk & Deer Hunting

5 - Day

Montana Outfitter #192

The Old Fashioned Western Hunting Experience

The Old Fashioned Western Hunting Experience

General Season Horseback - Elk/Mule Deer Combo

5-Day Hunts from our Base of Operations in the Paradise Valley

October - November

Call and let's visit about your plans: 1-406-222-6642 MST

We limit the amount of hunters we take per year and only take 2 hunters per 5-day hunt unless special arrangements are made.

Tim 'Bear Paw' personally does the guiding. Hunting is conducted on public land. Hiking and horse/mule riding. Physical demanding hunt. Weight/Height Limits for all participants.

Combination Elk and Deer Hunts

Combination Elk and Deer Hunts

Area 317

Brow tine bull elk or mule/whitetail deer buck -antlerless elk by permit only.

Our 5 - day base camp hunts take place on the majestic Emigrant Peak located in the heart of the Absaroka Mountain range. (If you look close enough, you'll still see evidence of the gold mining era at the base of this spectacular mountain.) Tim knows the area very well, being a fourth generation Montanan. His great-grandparents helped settle this part of the Paradise Valley.

Our hunting base is located in the middle of the Paradise Valley-through which the Yellowstone river flows and it's bordered by the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness to the East and the Gallatin National Forest to the West. We usually take 2 hunters per 5-day hunt. This is an Old West Style Hunt and we abide by all fair chase ethics. It is all on public lands.

Bear Paw Outfitters, LLC is under permit with the Livingston, Montana Ranger Yellowstone District USDA Forest Service -Custer Gallatin National Forest.

You will stay at our base, in a comfortable bunkhouse (small fridge, microwave, VCR) the bathroom and hot shower are in the basement at the house close by. Bear Paw Outfitter's hospitality also includes home cooked meals in the morning and evening and a nutritious lunch packed for you to take to the hunting site.

We use only gentle guest horses and mules for our clients to reach the prime hunting areas. From there we hunt on horses and mules or on foot depending upon the game location. This allows us to carefully glass the hunting area in hopes of finding that trophy brow tine bull elk or deer.

Our success over the years has not only been measured in the harvest of fine game animals, but also in our client's memories and satisfaction with all our efforts during each hunt to make the experience truly memorable and successful. We specialize in providing the hunting experience that many only dream about. This is a physically demanding hunt!

Our guarantee is that you will be fed good and you will be satisfactorily tired at the end of your hunt.

2018 Dates

One Shot Dick

One Shot Dick

(Dates may vary to accommodate special schedules)
Hunt 1: October 20 - October 24
Hunt 2: October 28 - Nov 1
Hunt 3: November 4 - 8
Hunt 4: November 11 - 15


5 - Day Hunt
$3500.00 each + Montana License

Deer/Elk Combo
Buddy Discount for Party of 2 - $3350.00 each

Montana License Information: