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Tim Bowers Montana Outfitter # 192

Yellowstone Stock Provider #YELL - 105

Make sure anyone calling themselves an Outfitter that they are licensed by the State of Montana and ask them for their Montana license number  or Yellowstone National Park number

Montana Trail Rides

10 Miles South of Livingston, Montana Highway 540 Paradise Valley

Call - 406 222 6642

Horseback Vacations, Trail Rides, Overnight Horse Pack Wilderness Trips, Cook Outs, Fly Fishing

Montana Guide and Packer School


Montana Trail Rides & Horseback Rides

You may have tried the rest now go with the 'Best'


Whose hands do you want to put your families lives in? !

Are you looking for cheap prices or QUALITY!

Over 30 years experience in commercial operations!

Grandma always said " Proof is in the puddin ! "



 Hi Tim,

Attached is the picture (picture below) of the Central NY group, you mentioned you'd like one for your website. We certainly enjoyed riding, and the instructions made us feel much more comfortable (especially me, the scaredy-cat)! Thanks for helping make our vacation perfect.


Jan Burling  Llion, NY




Our 1 hour, 2 hour and 1/2 day rides leave from our base below @ beautiful Deep Creek

Weight and height limits do apply

We also reserve the right to refuse service


Anthony Bourdain's 'No Reservations' and 'Goofy' cameraman

More Beautiful Deep Creek



Take a horseback ride that Brad Pitt and the rest of the cast/director from the movie 'The River Runs Through It'  rode



Just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for our family
horseback ride this past Monday.  Abbe and I along with Claire,
Ryan and Alexander had a terrific time.

Emily is such a terrific young lady.  I am certain you and your husband
Tim are very proud!  Isaac was the perfect compliment to our youngest
Alexander, both seem to "chew the fat" quite well up front on our trip.

I wish you continued success.  Our family is already looking forward to
the next opportunity we'll have to experience a ride with you in your
beautiful part of the country.

Best Regards,

Greg, Abbe, Claire, Ryan and Alexander 

Hello Tim

Just wanted you to know that Julia, our young visitor (saddle bred rider) from out of town, talked about her Montana horse-ride all day Saturday (and, according to her parents, all the way back to Kentucky).

 Thanks again for a great ride (both times) !




Hi Cindy,

 I just heard from my clients,  the Emma H. family which I referred to you.  They were DELIGHTED with your service and the time you took with their entire party including the “little ones”, not sure who your wrangler was, but everyone was excellent!

 Lynne P



Just a quick note to say thank you both ever so much for a truly memorable trip.  I will e-mail you with some photo's when we return to England. 
Ken's aches and pains were eased by a long soak at the hot springs!!!!!! 
 Thanks again and I will be in touch soon.
Lots of love


Hi Tim and Cindy,
Just a note of thanks for the beautiful trail ride last Tuesday. Some of our party were a bit green, but everyone had a great time and I know they'll never forget it. =)  I could easily have gone for a few more hours but I think I might have been the ONLY one in that category...Anyway, the whole thing was so much fun, and Pia (on Cloudy) and I just loved the meadow where we ate lunch... well, just all the scenery.  So thanks for a very memorable experience.
Here (and in the next email) are a couple of pictures.  In this one L to R:  Jim, Jenny, Debby, Pia, Bob
Thanks again, we appreciate all your hard work, the challenge of the ride,  and the very well trained horses we had.  I would happily recommend you!
Jenny P



Wilderness Experiences Are Our Specialty !

Scenic Views - We have them!

Safety - We practice it!

Seasoned Professionals - We are 4th,5th,6th Generation Montanans!

Gentle Horse & Mules - We own them & keep them year around!

Our guarantee is you will not be riding any animal that I wouldn't be comfortable putting my own grandchildren or 89 year young mother on  

Call 406 222 6642

Our up and coming wranglers (Grandchildren pictured below) are just waiting for you to come this summer

Isaac 11, Elise 8, Josette 10, Easton 7, Elizabeth 12

Happy Campers @ Elbow Creek

Mill Creek

What kind of a trail ride do you want?  Do you want to be put on some horses that are leased for the season and hope they will work out, maybe you are the first guinea pig to ride them. Do you want to be put in the care of some inexperienced person who knows less than you do and maybe you know more?

OR Do you want a trail ride on some well trained, well taken care of horses and mules? Do you want to be guided by cowboys and cowgirls that know the business! This is our business and has been for many years. We just didn't decide to start up and see if it will work. We care about our guests and horses. We want you to have a quality/safe time and see some scenery as well. The pictures on our web site are actual pictures of our operation and where we actually take our rides. Our riding stock are tried and proven and we own them all.

We live in and operate in the Paradise Valley. We are not on the edge or close to it. We also take some of our day trail rides and day trail ride fishing  trips into Yellowstone National Park.

Ask anyone around the area and they will tell you that Bear Paw Outfitters is the place to go for the nicest, safest and most scenic trail riding. We are one of the oldest trail riding outfits in the area. ( 30 years plus)

We own our horses and mules so we know what to expect out of them, from year to year. If you have had a bad experience in the past, please give us a try and we will build your confidence back up, so you can once again enjoy our four footed friends. We do not allow any running of the animals. Our family and guides have all lived in the area for years and know how to take good care of our guests. You can trust your family's care to us. We want you to have a nice experience so you will come back again and do some more horseback riding. The novice to the experienced will be at ease with us.



Trail Riding Adventures


(click on picture below)

Thompson Lake



Want to see some more Big Montana Country? Go for a day ride !

The Secret "5 Mile Park" Give us a call

Because we care about you and our stock there is no running of the animals and no double riding.

If the little ones are to young, then they are better waiting and having a good time when they get older.

Smaller children will be led on their own horse by one of our experienced wranglers.

No sloppy backpacks worn while riding - SAFETY FIRST!

Are you looking for cheap prices? or QUALITY!

Paradise Valley Montana Trail  Ride Rates 2016

1 hour  $40.00 per person

2 hour  $65.00 per person

1/2 day ( 3 hours )  $95.00 per person

$225.00 per person

Private Rides available at an extra $ Call

Yellowstone National Park Day Ride Rates

Yellowstone Park Day Horseback Riding 

 $250.00 per person 

Call 406 222 6642


  $250.00 per person per day

We will take you on an honest horseback riding trip whatever the time frame. With experienced Guides that know stock and our guests needs. We recommend at least a 2 hrs of horseback riding. 

Our all day rides in the Paradise Valley are the perfect way to get farther into the wilderness of the Yellowstone Ecosystem in the famous 1 million acre Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.  In one day you will see the most beautiful high mountain scenery you could imagine.  We have several different locations to take you in this large vast wilderness area.  We usually meet at the various trailheads at  9:30 a.m. or earlier if you like and return around 3:00 p.m. In the hotter weather you will enjoy going earlier and then you can take a nap when you get back! We ride to a lunch destination.  You'll have time to stretch your legs, and take some pictures, before mounting up and heading home. The chances of seeing wildlife are very likely on an all day ride. If you really want to gain some understanding of the wilderness, we highly advocate spending a day in the saddle with one of our guides.

South Fork of Deep Creek - Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness


Make sure before booking with any Outfitter/Guide for Yellowstone Park or Montana ask if they have and can provide a copy of their Yellowstone Park Permit or Montana Board of Outfitters license and number. If they can't and are not on the Stock Outfitters for Yellowstone they are illegal!


 $250.00 per person   

Yellowstone Park Fishing Permit

A Yellowstone National Park Fishing Permit is required to fish in the park.

Anglers 16 years of age and older are required to purchase either

$15 three-day permit, or
$20 seven-day permit or
$35 season permit.

 Instructional guide- if needed is extra $


Call 406 222 6642


Yellowstone Park Day Trips

Our Yellowstone Park trail ride day trips, take place in the North end of the Park. The most popular is the Slough Creek trip. Dad if you like to do some fly fishing and the rest of the family wants to do some horseback riding, this trip will satisfy everyone. We will take you to the best fly fishing spot around and if the rest of the group wants to do more horseback riding or just relax, they can. You can make the whole family happy.

It is 2 hrs. of horseback riding to the fly fishing spot and 2 hrs. of horseback riding back.

We leave at 8:00 a.m.- 8:30 a.m. from the trailhead, with a pack animal to carry the fly fishing gear. If everyone is on time you can take in about  4 1/2 hours of fly fishing. We leave 3rd meadow at 4:00 pm and arrive back at the trailhead at 6:00 p.m.

Non-fishing oriented trail ride day trips - Meet between 9-10:00 am return approximately 3- 4 pm depending where the ride is designated. Plenty of riding not to long but satisfying. Your comfort and safety is our top priority. Each and every groups needs and expectations are different.

Another popular horseback riding day trip in the Park, is the Specimen Ridge ride.

There are various other locations in Yellowstone National Park for you to experience!

On day horseback riding wear some foot wear that you can walk in. Some walking is required on some trips back down the mountain. This is for your safety and helps stretch your legs from horseback riding.

Items to bring:

  • Your own lunch

  • ( we do not furnish homemade lunches as we did in the past, the Government requires that all lunches be prepared in a Federally inspected facility, unless prepared out on the trail !)

  • water bottle full of water

  • self-purifying water bottle  (optional if you have bottled water)        

  • rain pants (optional) and rain/waterproof coat

  • sunglasses

  • some sort of hat

  • warm coat 

  • camera and binoculars (optional)

  • Shoes or boots suitable for WALKING

  • Leave your cowboy boots at home




Don't be fooled by imitators, go with experience and quality. Check us out. Horses and mules are powerful animals and need to be respected.

Call 406 222 6642






North Fork of Deep Creek - Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

"click on picture below"


Call 406 222 6642

contact us




Montana Guide and Packer School



Contact Tim or Cindy Bowers


MST 406 222 6642



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