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Tim Bowers Licensed Montana Outfitter

Montana Board Of Outfitters #192

136 Deep Creek Road

Livingston, Montana 59047

406 222 6642

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Under permit with Gallatin National Forest

 Yellowstone Ranger District


For some fly fishing is more than a sport. It's a passion...


"Slough Creek - What more can we say!"

Call 406 222 6642



Nice Fish!


Isaac and guide horse 'Hawk' heading home from a successful day of fishing

on Slough Creek


Worth the look!

Make sure before booking with any Outfitter/Guide for Yellowstone Park or Montana ask if they have and can provide a copy of their Yellowstone Park Permit or Montana Board of Outfitters license and number. If they can't and are not on the Stock Outfitters for Yellowstone they are illegal!


You will need a Yellowstone Park Fishing Permit


DAY FLY FISHING TRIPS TO SLOUGH CREEK 3rd MEADOW                                                         $250.00 per person                                                                    Lunch is not included bring your own lunch and water

Our Yellowstone Park horseback riding day trip to 3rd meadow on Slough Creek. Dad if you like to do some fly fishing and the rest of the family wants to do some horseback riding, this trip will satisfy everyone. We will take you to the best fly fishing spot around and if the rest of the group wants to do more horseback riding or just relax, they can. You can make the whole family happy. It is approximately  2 + hrs. of horseback riding to the fly fishing spot and 2+ hrs. of horseback riding back. We leave at 8:00 a.m. -8:30 a.m. from the trailhead, with a pack animal to carry the fly fishing gear. If everyone is on time you can take in about  4 1/2 hours of fly fishing. We leave 3rd meadow at 4:00 pm and arrive back at the trailhead around 6:00 p.m. Bring your gear and your own lunch.

Client Comment : Here are some pictures of our trip into  Slough Creek. To be honest with you, when we booked the trip it was all about fly fishing. By the time it was over l had totally changed my outlook. It was all about the ride! Thanks for being a pro and not a phony You just did your job and provided well trained animals. I can't wait till my boys are old enough to take the next trip with me. Here are some pictures of the city slickers you guided.
Bob Greiwe
p.s. the one shot is of the bear. Feed Ginger a little extra for me

DAY FLY FISHING TRIPS TO VARIOUS HIGH MOUNTAIN LAKES IN A-B WILDERNESS               $250.00   Thompson Lake (see picture below)

           DROP CAMP SERVICES AVAILABLE IN-YNP                                                                          $250.00 per person riding each way + $125.00 per pack and guide animal

Progressive Pack Trips to 3rd Meadow Slough Creek & various places in Yellowstone Park   3-day minimum $475.00 per day per person (4-person minimum)


Paradise Valley Lakes


Thompson Lake Absaroka - Beartooth Wilderness


Day Horseback/Fishing/Montana Trail Rides

Conservation License ($10) + Montana

Fishing License ($15 for 2 consecutive days,

$43.50 for 10 consecutive days or

$60 for season).


(click on picture below)


Yellowstone Park Fishing Permit

A Yellowstone National Park Fishing Permit is required to fish in the park.

Anglers 16 years of age and older are required to purchase either

$15 three-day permit, or
$20 seven-day permit or
$35 season permit.


Phillip Cutthroat  99 Pic 2.jpg (41351 bytes)

Book a trip- Questions?  contact  Tim or Cindy

Call 406 222 6642

Montana Fishing License needed when fishing in Montana

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